The Value of School Teams

Home and Away Games


School teams compete against each other in practice, but the best way to show they are up for a challenge is to play teams from others schools. This involves travel for at least one team, and it gives students an opportunity to travel and see other places. There are many times when students will go only to other school districts in their local area, but championship matches are often held in large cities. This gives them an even better chance to form positive experiences away from home.

Home games are for the local team hosting visitors, and they are generally better attended by students and their loved ones. This is due to the lack of time or money family and friends have available to travel, and it does give the hosting team an emotional boost with their local support. The visiting team also has the disadvantage of now knowing the playing field as well as the locals, but this is all an expected part of sports.

There is a great deal of pride involved in a home game, and the local team is expected to give it their best shot to capture the win. For those who are traveling to an away game, losses are expected when they face a higher rated team. It is understood by their school mates that it is difficult to face another team on their home turf, but a win is celebrated even more when it occurs. Teams that win on the road have passed an unwritten test.

Away games for championships are often held at the end of whatever season the game is played, and these matches can take students out of school for up to a week. The type of travel depends upon the distance, and the team has its own coaches and parent chaperones to help them navigate the venue. It is an experience the students will remember and cherish for a lifetime.