The Value of School Teams

Supporting School Sports


The economy often seems unable to support activities outside of classes, but participating in team events at school can be a good way to teach discipline and raise school spirits. Many teams require their participants go the extra distance to learn all parts of the game, and the coaches are unwilling to accept excuses. Unlike teachers in traditional subjects, they have the advantage of benching students who do not perform well. Supporting school sports is an investment in maintaining order in the educational system, but it can also be a good way to teach students life lessons they might not get elsewhere.

Cooperation is an important part of modern living, and team sports help teach that concept. They also reinforce it by coaches pointing out to players where they have failed when they do not work together. Learning how to be a part of a team instead of a single star can give students an opportunity to learn how to compensate for weakness in fellow members, and it can help them understand the concept of creating victory while doing it.

Everyone wants to be the star of the show, but that is not always what will win in any situation. Being able to trust others to hold up their share of the burden is a path to victory, and it is a valuable lesson that can be helpful throughout a lifetime. Sporting activities during the school day often focus on working together as a team, and the educators in this situation are quick to point it out to those who have missed it.

Winning may be important to the students, but their coaches and parents know that willing a single game on the field is not the only win they will experience. Learning how to work with others is a win for a lifetime, and being able to accept situations where the other team gets the prize is another.