Home and Away Games

School teams compete against each other in practice, but the best way to show they are up for a challenge...


Joining the Sports Team

When the school term begins, students generally have the option of joining a wide variety of teams at their school....


The Goal of Student Support

Many of the teams within any school get little or no funding for their activities, so the students must find...

Everyone likes to be a winner, and losing gracefully is a difficulty no one wants to face in their life. School prepares students for many things, but sports will provide them with the valuable lesson of how to win as well as lose in a graceful manner that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. In addition, school sports foster a team spirit. They can also helps students find their own abilities and physical limitations without the burden of social stigma.

Joining some school teams is as easy as signing up for them, but others require students to show some ability before they are chosen. This helps students to find their own motivation, and it can teach them a lesson about their personal choices or their physical abilities. Overall, school sports have often been seen as a budget draining waste, but they are quite valuable when combined with a solid academic education.